New communication channels, new values and more committed brands. Reputation is a strategic asset that affects your bottom line.

Reputation matters.

At Roman we protect and project the reputation of our clients as a fundamental strategic asset.

Corporate reputation is the sum of the perceptions held by the different stakeholders with which a company has relations.

Barcelona, Madrid and London. Three capitals, three decision-making centres and three markets.

Three offices and a team of more than 180 professionals for whom reputation comes first.


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Communication is the great driver of a company’s corporate purpose and a tool for involving stakeholders.

We work alongside our clients on the definition of their corporate narrative through insights that affect their value. The objective is to align communication strategies with their reputational capital and connect them with a critical and engaged society that demands truthful, coherent, committed and transparent companies and brands.

With proven expertise, great relational capillarity and access and influence capabilities, we project the reputational objectives that favour the business of our clients.

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Key activities

Corporate Communication

An essential management tool for the construction of the narrative in an ever more fragmented and global environment, enabling the transmission of the company values to their interest groups with the aim of increasing brand visibility, generating trust, value and loyalty.

Financial Communication

We work on the equity story of companies making up or participating in the financial system, projecting the values of trust, transparency and credibility in emotionally volatile environments, directing the messages to the market, analysts, shareholders, regulators, media and public opinion.

Internal Communication

We roll out the corporate narrative to the employees of the organisations so as to encourage dialogue that stimulates their commitment to the mission, vision and values of the company. We work on generating internal engagement by converting employees into company ambassadors.

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Digital Communication

We design and implement strategic digital itineraries that facilitate digital presence, online reputation and participation on the internet by means of active listening and unique content generation with the aim of increasing the engagement of our audiences.

Brands & Influence

We win over our clients’ different stakeholders and prescribers through experiences in relaxed friendly spaces, giving brands and their products position and multi-channel visibility generating sales and loyalty.

International Communication

From London we act as an international hub developing policies that project the reputation of organisations and brands, both in the British and international markets.

Public Affairs

We identify trends and policies which could have an impact on our clients’ performance and advise them on strategies to respond to these external pressures.
Drawing from our understanding of technical, legal and political procedures, we will defend our clients’ interests in regulatory processes, in response to government decisions whilst also measuring their capacity to impact businesses and the sectors they work in. This would imply closely following and anticipating possible changes in legislation, participating in public debates and taking part in open public proceedings.


Casa de les Punxes
Av. Diagonal 418, Pral.
08037 Barcelona
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Serrano 26, Pl. 2a
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60 Cannon Street
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